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Music Visions

Cover Photo: Paul Owen
Cover Art: Reynold Weidenaar

Catalog Number: CPS-8601
Audio Format: LP
Playing Time: 40:19
Release Date: 1986

Raynold Weidenaar
1. Twilight Flight (6:56)
2. Close Harmony (4:44)
3. Imprint: Footfalls to Return (5:04)
4. Night Flame Ritual (5:22)
Clarion Synthesis:
Raynold Weidenaar
F. Gerard Errante, clarinet
Richard Brooks
5. Prelude and Lament (10:17)
Memphis Woodwind Quintet:
Bruce Erskine, flute
Raymond Lunch, oboe
James Gholson, clarinet
Russell Pugh, bassoon
Richard Dolphi, horn
Richard Brooks
6. Suite for Percussion (7:56)
Florida State University Percussion Ensemble
Gary Werdesheim, director