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Expanding Horizons

Cover Design: Fernando Feuereisen

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Catalog Number: CPS-8630
Audio Format: Stereo, DDD
Playing Time: 65:31
Release Date: 1996

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    Leonello Tarabella
  1. Flexible Links (9:15)
    Ron Mazurek
  2. Three Meditations on the Word (10:04)
    Eun Bae Kim
  3. Choom I (6:41)
    Alfonso Belfiore
  4. La Città Sommersa (8:08)
    Barbara Jazwinski
Winter Dreams (9:21)
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    Dinu Ghezzo
  6. Five Village Scenes (13:55)
  7. Expanding Horizons (7:40)


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alternatemusicpress.com - by Canary Burton

"I was startled and delighted to hear the opening cut on "Expanding Horizons" from the NYU New Music Ensemble. FLEXIBLE LINKS by Leonello Tarabella is a nine minute delight in electronic music making. This cut integrates electronic and acoustic(clarinet and tarogato)instruments, modified and used in various ways by the MARS music workstation, under the control of the Twin Towers device. This is a special infrared beam based device which receives information from the position and movement of human hands without mechanical or electrical links. The musical effect in an exciting conversation resulting from natural sound, created in an extended technique language by virtuosi performers and gesturally transformed into imaginary sound sculptures. It's especially good to hear on earphones as the moving back and forth between ears is wonderful!

Cut number two is called THREE MEDITATIONS ON THE WORD by Ron Mazurek. He composed it for Esther Lamneck, the director of the New Music Ensemble. This piece is much more frantic than the first piece and reminds me more of music composed in the middle of this century. This piece was composed for electronic tape and improvising musicians, orchestrated, staged and choreographed for performances by the Ensemble. It is based on texts from the New Testament meditative mantra "Sa Ta Na Ma"...moves into "I am the light of the world", then in the last movement derives its music from chants for the liturgy for Good Friday. The conclusion and theological high point of the chants is provided by the anitphon "Crucem Tuam Adoramus". I like the last movement the best. But remember, any reviewer is only giving a biased opinion.

Cut three, CHOOM I by Eun-Bae Kim, a flutist and composer. This piece was composed for clarinet, trumpet, piano and dancer without the use of electronics.The musical phrases are intended to provoke an immediate reaction by the dancer. To suggest this visual response, Mr. Kim chose a largely extended-technique language which is used by the clarinet and trumpet in contrast with a traditional piano sound which later explores a more experimental sound palette.

I quote from the liner notes, "As players, the NYUNME have developed a unique style of relating and responding to each other much as a great chamber music group or jazz ensemble. Their language shows their dedication to the development of extended techniques for traditional instrument, and the combination and unique flavor of combining acoustic with electric instruments."

I am not going to go further in writing about each cut on this album, but suggest that if you like experimental sounds and Computer enhanced music, collectively improvised performing and non melody based structure...this is a good album to add to your collection. I am happy to have it in mine."