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Cover Design: Gerald Warfield and Richard Brooks

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Catalog Number: CPS-8660
Audio Format: Stereo, DDD
Playing Time: 54:22
Release Date: 1999

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  Mark Phillips
  String Quartet No. 2 "Another lark Quartet"
Fast-Slow-Fast (9:05)
  2. Very Slow (6:10)
Very Fast (5:11)
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  The Lark Quartet
  Diane Pascal, violin
  Jennifer Orchard, violin
  Anna Kruger, viola
  Astrid Schween, cello
  Jeremy Beck
  Songs Without Words
  4. Irresistible Death (2:57)
  5. ...mists of brightness... (3:13)
  6. Night Watch (2:46)
  Elizabeth Sadilek, flute
  Gretchen Johnson, harp
  Edward J. Miller
  7. Duo Concertante for Viola and Piano (7:53)
  Richard Young, viola
  William Koehler, piano
  Paul A. Epstein
  8. Version for flute, cello and piano
  Robert Eidschun
  9. Bantam Masai
  Alice Meyer, E-flat clarinet
  Jeff Patterson, B-flat trumpet
  Jim Tiller, percussion
  Katherine Winterstein, violin
  Jeffrey Zeigler, cello
  Geoff Smith, electric bass guitar
  David Dettloff, conductor


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Robert Eidschun



Records International - June 1999

"The longest work here, Phillips' string quartet, is a very fine piece, most idiomatically written for the ensemble (meaning, it is hard to imagine it translating well to another medium), and progressing from a serious and intense opening via an utterly hushed and withdrawn second movement, towards the close of which the clouds suddenly lift, allowing the finale to take us on a wild ride in the utmost high spirits. The Beck, though instrumental, has a discursive, monologue like quality, suggesting the texts on which the works are based . Miller's Duo is also tautly argued and filled with event and drama. Epstein's variations use a palindromic cell in a process-music context. The disc ends with Eidschun's wildly energetic Bantam Masai, for a really odd ensemble, imaginatively used."