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The Long Island Composers Alliance

Cover Design: Katherine Gressel

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Catalog Number: CPS-8661
Audio Format: Stereo, DDD
Playing Time: 48:52
Release Date: 1999

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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  Joel Mandelbaum
Prelude (3:04)
  Lukas Foss
  2. Prelude in D (2:01)
  Angelo Musolino
  3. Fugato & Extension (2:21)
  Elie Siegmeister
  4. Festive March (1:42)
  Hale Smith
  5. Evocation (2:40)
  Morton Gould
  6. It's A Living (3:21)
  Leo Kraft
  Ten Short Pieces
  7. Busy Day (0:33)
  8. Changing Meters (0:53)
  9. The Starry Night (0:47)
  10. Syncopations (0:42)
  11. Towards Evening (0:42)
  12. Over the Keyboard (0:35)
  13. Chromatic Study (0:32)
  14. Invention (0:36)
  15. Spiritual (1:05)
  16. Thumbs Under (0:42)
  Herbert Deutsch
  17. Quiet Times (2:37)
  Andre Hosza
  18. Swing (0:36)
  19. Interlude (1:03)
  20. Mélodie (1:07)
  21. Doucement S.T.P. (1:38)
  Eleanor Cory
Crystals (3:59)
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  Serge Suny
  Brief Encounters
  23. The Frog
  24. Shura's March (0:38)
  25. Le Coucou (0:40)
  26. Take My Hand (0:33)
  27. Remembrance (0:57)
  28. Armen's March (0:24)
  29. Georgian Work Song (0:48)
  Raoul Pleskow
  30. Untitled (1:47)
  Leonard Lehrman
  Reineke Fuchs Suite
  31. Overture (2:32)
  32. Bear (0:23)
  33. Badger, Lion, Birds (0:37)
  34. Fox (0:39)
  35. Pilgrimage (0:41)
  36. Fanfare (0:28)
  37. Procession (0:19)
  38. Farewell (0:42)
  39. Court (0:26)
  40. The Fight (2:00)
  41. Finale (0:24)


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CD Universe

The immediate impression upon hearing these contemporary piano pieces by members of The Long Island Composers Alliance, is of their departure from the atonal and inaccessible realms of much 20th-century music. In fact, a great deal of it is downright lyrical, even hummable. This is not to say they are lacking in seriousness, however, or musical complexity. We are simply hearing a collection of 41 short pieces that all seem to have been composed with a true desire to connect with listeners. Prelude in D by Lukas Foss shows why his name carries weight: it is a thoughtful piece, well crafted and always interesting. 'Ten Short Pieces' by Leo Kraft contains much imagination, and 'It's a Living' by Morton Gould is engaging. The performances of these pieces by Leonard Lehrman are informed and infectious, showing both his musical ability and his dedication to the Long Island Composers Alliance.

American Record Guide
November/December 1999, p. 258
Review by Jack Sullivan

Perhaps it is because I am writing this review from the Hamptons in a beautiful but unusually cool late August, but I find this collection of piano music written from the 1950s to the 1990s by members of the Long Island Composer's [sic] Alliance exceptionally bright and comfortable. This impression persists even with rigorously formal works such as Angelo Musolino's Fugato and Extension and somber ones such as Serge Suny's Brief Encounters. The pleasant tone is established by the opening piece, a serene exercise in modal lyricism by Joel Mandelbaum, and a spare, charming Prelude by Lukas Foss. Other standouts include Elie Siegmeister's aptly titled 'Festive March', Leo Kraft's busy, bustling Ten Short Pieces, Andre Hosza's delectable French Suite, and pianist Leonard Lehrman's lively musical bestiary of birds, foxes, wolves, and lions. Lehrman's pianism is clear and sharp, which seems to suite [sic] the music just fine. The recording has a hard, tangy quality as well.]