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All in Your Mind
Music of Julia Werntz and John Mallia

Cover: Dimitris Arvanitis

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Catalog Number: CPS-8730
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 72:19
Release Date: 2004

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    John Mallia
1. Lock (4:09)
    Stephanie Key, clarinet
    Julia Werntz
    Piano Piece
2. Audio (7:19)
3. Audio (8:55)
    John McDonald, piano
    John Mallia
4. Poor Denizens of Hell (9:23)
    Nancy Dimock, oboe
    David Santucci, violin
    Robert Schultz, tabla and percussion
    Gary Wallen, percussion
    Daniel Hosken, conductor
    Julia Werntz
    To You Strangers
    Five Poems of Dylan Thomas
5. III. The Air you breathe (2:17)
6. II. O make me a mask (3:09)
7. IV. This bread I break (1:43)
8. I fellowed sleep (6:21)
    Christina Ascher, mezzo-soprano
    John Mallia
9. Plexus (14:29)
    Auros Group for New Music
    William Kirkly, bass clarinet
    Demetrius Spaneas, alto saxophone
    John Mallia, electric guitar
    Robert Schulz, onstage percussion
    William Manley, offstage percussion
    Deborah DeWolf Emery, piano
    David Santucci, violin
    Pascale Delache-Feldman, double bass
    Michael Adelson, conductor
    Derek Hurst & Robert Kirzinger, electronic cues
    Julia Werntz
    String Trio with Homage to Chopin
10. Audio (5:50)
11. Audio (2:42)
12. Audio (5:24)
    Curtis Macomber, violin
    Lois Martin, viola
    Ted Mook, violincello