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Telling Tales
Music from the Cleveland Composers Guild

Cover Art: Katherine Gressel

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Catalog Number: CPS-8736
Audio Format: Double CD
Playing Time: 64:07 & 74:36
Release Date: 2004

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    Disc 1
    Rudolph Bubalo
    Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra
1. First Movement (9:23)
  2. Second Movement (5:04)
  3. Third Movement (7:59)
    Eric Mandat, clarinet
    Cleveland Chamber Symphony
    Edwin London, conductor
    Hyekyung Lee
4. conFUsion/comBUstion (8:01)
    Hyekyung Lee
    Jeffrey Mumford
5. Barbaglio dal manca (9:11)
    Toyen Tonnu, piano
    Jennifer Conner
    A Teller of Tales
6. The Tortoise and the Hare (2:17)
  7. The Shoemaker and the Elves (4:03)
  8. Beauty and the Beast (4:49)
  9. Rapunzel (1:34)
    Thomas Trenney, organ
    Michael Leese
10. Music for Harp, Percussion, and Strings (11:08)
    Cleveland Chamber Symphony
    Lucas Richman, conductor
    Jocelyn Chang, Dilling harp
    Karen Taddie, piano
    Andrew Pongracz, percussion
    Janet Pemberton, percussion

Laura Prokopyk, violin

    Peter Briedis, violin
    Heather Walker, viola
    Heidi Albert, cello
    Disc 2
    Daniel McCarthy
    Chamber Symphony no. 3 for Clarinet and Orchestra
1. Prelude (2:41)
  2. Holy Ghost (2:10)
  3. A Voice in the Dark (4:37)
  4. TanzMusik (2:23)
  5. Interlude: Nebulon (2:38)
  6. Finale (2:23)
    Kimberly Cole, clarinet
    The Interlochen Faculty Chamber Players
    Steven Ward, conductor
    Nikola Resanovic
    Sonata for Flute and Piano
7. Retrogressions (5:10)
  8. Daydreams (3:44)
  9. Blue-jam (3:28)
    George Pope, flute
    Eric Charnofsky, piano
    Margi Griebling-Haigh
10. Vistas desde el Balcón (9:26)
    Michi Wiancko, violin
    Clement Chow, cello
    Eric Charnofsky, piano
    Ty Alan Emerson
11. Birch Whispers (8:15)
    Bridgett Crocker Emerson, flute
    Jocelyn Chang, harp
    Nicholas Underhill
12. Midnight Traveler (5:16)
  13. Seeking (5:01)
  14. Dancing in Darkness (4:05)
    Sean Gabriel, flute
    Laura Martin, violin
    Mary Beth Ions, violin
    Nikki Dival, viola
    Linda Atherton, cello
    Nicholas Underhill, piano
    Dolores White
    Three Movements for Two Violins, Viola, and Cello
15. First Movement (3:05)
  16. Second Movement (6:53)
  17. Third Movement (2:27)
    Cara Tweed, violin
    Alicia Koeli, violin
    Jennifer Arnold, viola
    Stephen Fang, cello