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Society of Composers, Inc.
"Mood Shifts"

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Catalog Number: CPS-8748
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 71:41
Release Date: 2005

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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    Bruce Mahin
1. Track 1 (3:54)
2. Track 2 (5:44)
    Nitza Kats, piano; assisted by Charlie R. Nesmith
    Lucy Mauro, piano; assisted by Matthew D. Frederick
    Per Bloland
3. Prelude: Dissent (8:10)
    Stephanie Teply and Amber Archibald, violins;
    Aurelien Petillet, viola; Ben Westney, violoncello;
    Jacy Cobalis, double bass
    Rob Deemer, conductor
    Alejandro Rutty
    Witchcraft Recipes no. 9 and 9b
4. Track 4 (4:05)
5. Track 5 (9:08)
    The Red Clay Saxophone Quartet
    Susan Fancher, soprano and alto saxophone;
    Steve Stusek, tenor saxophone;
    Mark Engebretson, baritone saxophone
    Grace Choi
6. Chansons Innocentes II (5:21)
    Greg Bartholomew
    From the Odes of Solomon
7. Track 7 (5:02)
8. Track 8 (5:06)
9. Track 9 (5:26)
    The Ars Brunensis Chorus
    Roman Valek, conductor
    Tom Lopez
10. Hollow Ground II (10:34)
    Larisa Montanaro, soprano
    Charles Argersinger
    Seven Deadly Sins
11. I. Envy (1:02)
12. II. Sloth (3:09)
13. III. Pride (1:41)
14. IV. Greed (2:20)
15. V. Lust (2:00)
16. VI. Gluttony (2:30)
17. VII. Anger (0:58)
    Blair Milton, violin; Robert Swan, viola
    Steve Balderston, violoncello


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