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David Bennett Thomas
Chamber Works

Cover Art: Steve Varner

Available on TownHall

Catalog Number: CPS-8754
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 78:00
Release Date: 2005

Matthew Bengtson, Carla Rees, Jeffrey Solow,
The New Carillon Ensemble, Arthur Krieck,
April Lindevald, Mary Elizabeth Poore,
Alan Renhardt, Thomas Schmidt,
Cynthia Folio, Charles Abramovic,
Laura Frautschi, John Dolbashian

Track Listing & Audio Samples
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1. Piano Sonata #2 (10:27)
    Matthew Bengtson, piano
2. Steeples In My Soul: Movements for Alto Flute (5:22)
    Carla Rees, alto flute
    Sonata for Solo Cello (12:10)
3. Robust (2:39)
4. Lament (2:10)
5. Galloping (1:26)
6. Elegy (3:43)
7. Vivace (2:12)
    Jeffrey Solow, cello
    Blake Songs (15:05)
8. Spring (2:03)
9. A Dream (3:17)
10. Night (7:02)
11. The Lamb/Infant Joy (2:43)
    The New Carillon Ensemble; Mary Elizabeth Poore, soprano;
    April Lindevald, alto; Arthur Krieck, tenor; Alan Reinhardt, bass;
    Thomas Schmidt, piano
    Trio for Flute, Cello, and Piano (11:19)
    Dedicated to the memory of Aaron Copland
12. Allegretto (2:40)
13. Adagio (1:14)
14. Molto Vivace (2:44)
    The Temple New Music Trio: Cynthia Folio, flute;
    Jeffrey Solow, cello; Charles Abramovich, piano
    Juliet: Five songs from Shakespeare
    for Soprano, Violin, Organ, and Tubular Bells (23:23)
15. My only love sprung from my only hate (4:23)
16. O serpent heart hid with a flowering face (6:56)
17. My bounty is as boundless as the sea (3:25)
18. Come night, come Romeo (1:42)
19. What's here? A cup closed in my true love's hand (6:57)
    Mary Elizabeth Poore, soprano; Laura Frautschi, violin;
    Thomas Schmidt, organ; John Dolbashian, bells

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"...immediately engaging...meticulously structured works...a natural organicity, and fluidity of expression...Thomas' material is playful, soulful, technically dazzling, and often acutely communicative."

- Andrew Quint, Philadelphia Music Makers, Spring 2006

"The piece convinces on both structural and emotional levels (Piano Sonata #2)....an invigorating cocktail of style and technique (Sonata for Cello Solo)...after a moving, almost Messiaenic introduction, the violin traces the voice exactly in the vocalize of 'O serpent heart...', using repetition of a melodic loop to a powerful climax - easily the most impressive moment on the disc ("Juliet").
The directness of David Bennett Thomas' communication with the listener should be noted, for he makes music that speaks with no pretension, and makes for a rewarding listening experience."

-Ben Hogwood, The Classical Source, February 11, 2006

"His music is concise and comprehensible, though he doesn't talk down to the listener or subscribe to any particular isms. This is a composer with an individual voice."

-David Moore, American Record Guide, March/April 2006

"While all the works represented here are accessible to even the most casual listener of classical music, there is an undercurrent of complexity and texture that is uncommon in many newly composed pieces. That added structure gives a new dimension to Thomas' recordings and is what makes his writing so honest and completely convincing."

-Sean Hickey, The Daily Local, January 6, 2006