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Catalog Number: CPS-8787
Audio Format: CD
Playing Time: 77:26
Release Date: 2007

Track Listing & Audio Samples

    Kyong Mee Choi
  1. Kandinsky (15:36)
    Elizabeth Bockley, soprano; Tim Schmidt, baritone;
Michael Tarleton, electric guitar; Jeremy Brunk, percussion
    Janice Misurell-Mitchell
  2. Sometimes the City is Silent (5:39)
    Caroline Pittman, flute
    Dimitri Papageorgiou
  3. …d’ogne luce muto (9:47)
  Ioanna Polisoidis, piano
  Mike McFerron
4. Stationary Fronts (5:26)
    (amplified flute and electroacoustical playback)
Thomas Clement, flute
    Carl Schroeder
  5. 88 Keys (1:29)
    Carl Schroeder, piano
    Karim Al-Zand
    Four Fables (12:36)
  6. I. The Grasshopper and the Ant (3:03)
7. II. The Owl and the Echo (1:07)
  8. III. The Lion, the Fox and the Fish (2:45)
  9. IV. The Man and the Fish-Horn (4:29)
    Michelle Cheramy, flute; Maiko Sasaki, clarinet; Kana Mimaki, piano
    Dorothy Hindman
  10. Needlepoint (9:23)
    Paul Bowman, guitar
    Nathan Davis
  11. Churn (4:13)
    David Russell, violoncello; Michael Seth Orland, piano
    Jonathan Chenette
  12. Posthumous Orpheus (8:07)
    Catherine King, mezzo-soprano; Jacob Heringman, lute
    John Bilotta
  13. Shadow Tree (5:10)
    Martha Stoddard, alto flute; Patrick Francis, guitar